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6 things that Swiss mobile phone owners should know

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Comparis smartphone report

6 things that Swiss mobile phone owners should know

Many would like more sustainability, but actually acting in this way is another matter. The latest cell phone study by Comparis shows: 45 percent of Swiss people want to buy a new cell phone after just twelve months. Blick has more facts.


The new Comparis study shows that around eleven percent of those surveyed actually keep their mobile phones for more than four years.

A new mobile phone every year, although the old one still works perfectly? According to the new smartphone report from the comparison service Comparis, 45 percent of the Swiss surveyed can afford it. This has little to do with sustainability. Nevertheless, the image of the smartphone as a disposable product has changed significantly, according to the study. The comparison service asked 2,100 people from all regions of Switzerland about cell phones. Other interesting, representative facts have also come to light.

percent of those surveyed state that they want to keep their mobile phone longer because of higher prices.

The fact is, however, that those surveyed from all regions of Switzerland have only had their mobile phones for two years on average. This value has been constant since 2019.

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