Saturday, December 3, 2022

Agricultural group Fenaco breaks the 7 billion mark

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The war in the Ukraine has also left its mark on the cooperatively organized Swiss agricultural group Fenaco, the 165 Landi and their 43,000 members. “The import of agricultural goods from Russia and Ukraine plays a minor role for Switzerland,” said Fenaco President Pierre André Geiser (60) at a media conference on Tuesday. “However, the current situation has a price-driving effect, leading to rising agricultural production costs.”

However, Geiser emphasized that the supply situation for agricultural goods in Switzerland is currently good, despite the tense situation. For example, three quarters of the nutrient requirement in crop production is covered by the farm’s own manure thanks to animal husbandry. And for the necessary imports of grain and fertilizer, for example, Fenaco has invested more than 60 million francs in large silos at Basel Auhafen in recent years.

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