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Anyone who does not rely on solar power is underexposed

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The figure is often and happily quoted: 60 percent of Swiss electricity comes from hydropower. But
How come? To find out, you have to go deep into the archives. Here, for example, one comes across an article in the Berner «Bund» from 1927, which states: «The shortage of fuel and supplies during the World War helped electricity to achieve a breakthrough in our country.» «Electricity» is synonymous with «hydropower». It sounded similar during the Second World War. At that time, the director of the Bündner Elektrizitätswerke justified the further expansion of “local hydroelectric power” with the words: “Our economy must become largely independent of coal and oil.”

The 1939 State Exhibition dedicated a pavilion to hydroelectric power, including the power plant, reservoir and pressure line on a scale of 1:50. The name of this complex installation: «Electricity – the white coal».

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