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Apple also wants to be less dependent on China

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Companies are leaving the Middle Kingdom

Apple also wants to be less dependent on China

The withdrawal of companies from China is accelerating. Now, Apple, a giant corporation with particularly close ties to the country, has promised to diversify into other countries. One reason for this: the current protests against lockdowns.


Chinese customers in an Apple Store in China: The production site has suffered from the strict Chinese Covid measures.


Jean Claude RaemyEditor Economics

For years, the West relied on cheap labor from China. In the meantime, however, the relationship has cooled down. Not only the Swiss are turning their backs on China, but also large companies.

Latest example: Apple. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the US technology group has accelerated its plans to outsource at least part of its production from China to other Asian countries. This isn’t a side note: China is the dominant country in Apple’s supply chain.

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