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Beware of influencers!

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No reliable knowledge from the online investment advisors

Beware of influencers!

Good advice does not always have to be expensive: the Internet is teeming with investment tips and other financial advice. However, it is important to exercise the necessary caution.

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More and more users are also getting financial and investment information from social media. A healthy skepticism is appropriate.

«Google knows everything». This common opinion means that more and more people with an illness first try to find out for themselves on the Internet what is wrong with them. Many online health guides, some of them dubious, take advantage of this.

There is something similar in the financial world. So-called “influencers” – the word is made up of “finance” and “influencer” – offer advice for small investors in videos and stories. It explains free of charge which investments are currently worthwhile, which financial issues are currently important, or sometimes simply “how to make millions quickly”.

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