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Bruises in the Dosto dining car

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Shaker train stresses staff

Bruises in the Dosto dining car

The double-decker long-distance train of the SBB – Dosto for short – does not get out of the crooked position. The dining car staff complains about broken kitchen appliances, defective elevators and gets bruises in the shaking train.


The Dosto remains in the headlines.

The Dosto – the new parade train of the SBB – is known to many passengers as a breakdown and shaking train. In addition, it stinks noticeably often around the toilets. Now it turns out that the staff is also having trouble with the Dosto. Above all, the employees of Elvetino, which operates all the SBB dining cars, complain about the working conditions on the train.

The constant shaking and shaking on the train not only annoys the passengers, the staff regularly get bruises when working in the dining car: “Compared to the train staff, the Elvetino staff are particularly exposed when it comes to service,” explains Mario Schmid from the railway staff association SEV in the “Sunday newspaper”. “There are always minor accidents, the staff strikes and bruises it.”

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