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Canton remains inactive at the Einsiedeln hospital – despite the vortex

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Collective dismissal of all residents

Canton remains inactive at the Einsiedeln hospital – despite the vortex

The Einsiedeln hospital has found replacements after all seven residents were fired. But question marks remain. Even a detailed statement from the responsible Schwyz authorities hardly sheds any light on the matter. An SP cantonal council is planning a new initiative.


The responsible Schwyz government councilor Petra Steimen-Rickenbacher comments for the first time on the events at Einsiedeln Hospital.

Sarah Frattaroli

The Schwyz government is the first to comment in detail on the turbulence at Einsiedeln Hospital – and yet says nothing. The responsible department of the interior under government councilor Petra Steimen-Rickenbacher (56) published her answer to a corresponding political initiative on Monday.

It states, among other things: “Due to the terminations of the assistant doctors, the Einsiedeln Hospital did not have to withdraw its operating license, nor were the Einsiedeln Hospital’s performance orders canceled in whole or in part.”

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