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Cassis does not rule out Swiss involvement

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Confiscated Russian funds for Ukraine

Cassis does not rule out Swiss involvement

The Ukrainian prime minister has called for confiscated Russian assets to be used to rebuild Ukraine. Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis does not rule out Swiss participation.

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Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal is calling for confiscated Russian assets to be used to rebuild Ukraine.


Danny SmurfEditor Sunday view

Switzerland supports Ukraine on various levels – but not with weapons, as Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis (61) made clear on Tuesday. “We’re not talking about arms deliveries,” he said at the WEF in Davos GR. “We are a neutral country and must obey the laws of neutrality.”

But the international pressure on the neutral small state is increasing. In an interview with Blick, Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko (51) calls on Switzerland to supply defense weapons. Perhaps it has to do with the increased pressure on the Swiss position on arms exports that the Federal Council is now moving on another matter. On Wednesday evening, Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis (61) appeared at the WEF together with the British Minister for Economic Affairs Grant Shapps (54) to report on the reconstruction aid for the Ukrainian infrastructure. The Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Schmyhal (47) was also there virtually. He called on the international community to use confiscated Russian assets to help rebuild Ukraine.

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