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Chinese welcome despite high Covid infections

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No measures in Switzerland

Why Chinese are welcome despite high Covid numbers

China has relaxed border regulations. This means that the Chinese can travel the world again. Due to the extremely high number of Covid cases, various countries require preventive measures. Switzerland is not one of them.


Should Chinese tourists arriving in Switzerland undergo a Covid test beforehand? Opinions differ on this.


Jean Claude RaemyEditor Economics

After nearly three years of virtually closed borders, China recently announced that the strict quarantine regime will be lifted on January 8, 2023. This makes it easier for tourists to travel to the Middle Kingdom again. Conversely, millions of Chinese can travel abroad again.

But just at this time Corona is spreading rapidly in China. Millions of Chinese are infected every day – after previously pursuing a zero-Covid strategy. As a result, various countries are imposing new requirements on the actually welcome tourists from China when entering the country. These are primarily China’s neighboring countries, which are also the first travel destinations for the Chinese. But also the USA and Italy.

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