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Companies have no shame in laying off over-50s

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Deep unemployment backfires

Companies are no longer ashamed to put over 50s on the street

The labor market has dried up, finding a job is easier than it used to be. This now has a paradoxical effect: Older employees are no longer treated with care – they are dismissed without a word in the event of reorganization.

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Updated 01/18/2023 at 7:42 p.m


The hurdle to firing employees over 50 is falling.


Sarah FrattaroliDeputy Head of Economics

So far, anyone who lays off over 50s risks negative headlines and damage to their reputation. However, this seems to bother companies in Switzerland less and less. Over 50-year-olds no longer enjoy any special moral protection in the event of waves of layoffs.

An evaluation shows that the termination rate for over 50s is significantly higher than for the other age groups. It is based on figures from the von Rundstedt outplacement company, which helps employees to reorient themselves after they have been laid off.

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