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Cracks discovered in the Airbus A380!

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Comeback of the “super jumbo” – but now Emirates is sounding the alarm

Cracks discovered in the Airbus A380!

First publicly scolded, then the big comeback: The Airbus A380 is back on everyone’s lips and in great demand. But now the airline Emirates has discovered cracks in the “superjumbo” – four planes are grounded.


The Airbus A380 made a comeback this year.


Nicholas ImfeldEditor Economics

The Airbus A380 was once hailed by aviation fans and aviation experts. Superlatives such as “giant of the air”, “superjumbo” or “miracle bird” alternated. No wonder, the A380 is a record jet. With space for up to 853 passengers, it is the largest and at the same time the quietest aircraft in the world for the occupants. So quiet that the pilots now heard the noise of the passengers instead of the constant hum of the engines and therefore slept poorly.

But then came the corona pandemic – and the abrupt end of the A380 seemed sealed. Industry giants such as Qatar Airways boss Akbar Al Baker settled accounts with the Airbus type in summer 2021. “Buying the A380 was the biggest mistake we’ve ever made,” he complained in an interview, explaining: “We grounded the A380 because it’s a very fuel-inefficient aircraft.” A comeback? Seemed impossible. And yet, a year later, everything is different again.

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