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Cyber ​​risks will soon be “uninsurable”

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Zurich CEO Mario Greco warns

Cyber ​​risks will soon be “uninsurable”

When hackers steal customer data, it’s annoying – but at least not life-threatening. The situation is different when hospitals or electricity companies are attacked. Zurich boss Mario Greco warns of the increasing risks from cyber attacks.


Zurich CEO Mario Greco warns: Cyber ​​risks are becoming “uninsurable”.

Cyber ​​attacks are becoming “uninsurable”. Mario Greco (63), CEO of Zurich Insurance, made this warning in an interview with the Financial Times. Greco believes cyber attacks are a threat that needs to be monitored. Governments are responsible.

For years, the major insurance companies have been warning of the risks posed by pandemics and climate change. Greco now counters this and advocates keeping an eye on cyber attacks as the greatest risks for insurance cover.

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