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Despite the poor economic situation, many change jobs

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The shortage of skilled workers has an impact

Despite the poor economic situation, many change jobs

Fluctuation on the Swiss labor market is currently high despite a possible recession. In an interview, personnel management expert Matthias Mölleney speaks of a wave of reorientation due to Corona.

According to HR expert Matthias Mölleney, companies have to sell themselves better in order to be attractive to employees.

In the statistics for reasons for dismissal, the hope for more wages from another employer is still at the top, he said in an interview with the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” on Saturday. According to Mölleney, the need for appreciation has increased dramatically. The former head of HR at Swissair heads the Center for Human Resources Management & Leadership at the University of Economics in Zurich.

From surveys it can be read that many employees appreciate the possibility of working from home. “On the other hand, many feel separated from the rest of the company, not properly perceived.”

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