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Economic elite must compete at the WEF for corona tests

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Are the Chinese making Davos a hotspot?

Economic elite must compete at the WEF for corona tests

The organizers of the World Economic Forum WEF do not want to wait until official Switzerland introduces compulsory testing for travelers from China. One thing is clear in Davos: Anyone who wants to take part in the annual meeting of the business elite must be tested, no matter where they come from.


The following applies to the business elite in Davos: Who …


Christian KolbeEditor Economics

One week from next Monday, the most important economic meeting in Switzerland, the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum WEF, will begin in Davos. Because China issued corona travel restrictions for its population at the beginning of December, a few dozen managers from the Middle Kingdom will also be there again.

A look at the list of participants shows that 55 people are currently planning to travel to Davos from China and Hong Kong. These include, for example, Scott Beaumont (51), the head of Google in China, Laura Cha (73), the head of the Hong Kong stock exchange, the Caixin Media publisher Hu Shuli (69) and Yuanqing Yang (58), president and CEO of the Computer giant Lenovo.

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