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Electric cars continue to gain market share

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Electric cars continue to gain market share

Every fourth new car had a plug in 2022

Electric cars continue to gain market share in Switzerland. In 2022, a quarter of new cars were either purely electrically driven or so-called plug-in hybrids.

Charging instead of refueling is also becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. (archive image)

With the Tesla Model Y, the best-selling vehicle was a Stromer, as in the previous year, as the Swiss Emobility Association announced on Monday. 17.3 percent of the new cars sold last year run exclusively on electricity, 8 percent have both a combustion engine and an electric motor, but can also be charged via a plug.

The figures from Swiss Emobility suggest that the availability of charging stations has a major impact on the purchasing behavior of motorists. Based on the number of inhabitants, most electric vehicles were newly registered in Central Switzerland – in the region where there are also the most charging stations compared to the population. In absolute terms, the canton of Zurich tops the rankings.

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