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In Thailand, a pack of Ricola is half the price

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While prices in Switzerland continue to rise

In Thailand Ricola cost half

Shopping is getting more and more expensive. The reason: rising electricity and logistics costs, as retailers say. The kiosk has just raised the price for a pack of Ricola. This, while the herbal sweets cost about half in distant Thailand.


Since 1 January, a Ricola parcel has cost 5 centimes more at the kiosk. For 3.35 Swiss francs, there would be more than two packs of Ricola in Thailand.


Daniel KestenholzEditor night duty

Everything is getting more and more expensive – including Ricola herbal sweets. The “Zältli” have cost five centimes more at the kiosk since January 1: 3.35 francs per packet. In the slightly cheaper Migros, 50 grams of Ricola cost 2.95 francs, in the Coop there is a double pack for 3.95 francs. This offer also seems expensive: In distant Thailand, Ricola cost half of it.

The country’s largest online shop, Lazada, sells the 40-gram packet for 35 baht, which is 95 centimes at the current exchange rate. In the 7-11, the Thai counterpart to the kiosk, you even got a free parcel for the regular price of 38 baht (1.05 francs). The fact that Swiss products are cheaper abroad is nothing new, such as cheese. But half the price?

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