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In these months, a property sells more expensive

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Selling real estate is a complicated thing. Not only because of all the bureaucratic stuff, expensive brokerage fees and annoying visits with supposedly interested parties who just have fun snooping around with strangers.

In addition, the timing is crucial when you put your house or condominium on the market. Because that has a significant impact on the price that can be achieved with the property. This is shown by a study by real estate appraiser Price Hubble from Zurich.

Don’t sell in February

The number of offers on the market is not the same at all times of the year, and the selling prices also vary from month to month. In the summer months of May, June and July there are on average significantly more offers on the market than in the winter months of December and January. October also turned out to be a peak month, while April had the fewest offers on the market.

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So when is the ideal time to sell? Properties advertised in February achieved the lowest average prices. If you offer your object for sale in spring or summer, you have better cards. The average prices are then sometimes significantly higher than in February. On average, the highest prices were achieved in July and August. (pbe)

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