Friday, March 24, 2023

Indian manager urinates on passenger during flight (72)

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The US bank Wells Fargo has released the urine culprit.

An Indian manager has been arrested after a peeing incident on a plane. Shankar Mishra is said to have urinated on an elderly passenger (72) during a transatlantic flight, a police spokesman in Delhi confirmed to the AFP news agency on Saturday.

According to the investigators, the accused initially went into hiding, but according to media reports, he was located in the city of Bangalore through his lively online activities and credit card payments. He was taken to the capital, New Delhi, where the police are now investigating the allegations. A 72-year-old passenger wrote to Air India to complain that Mishra, who appeared to be drunk, peed on her on a flight from New York to New Delhi in late November. Air India then turned on the police.

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