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Iran procures four planes with Trick

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A340s take off before Christmas Eve – and never arrive at their original destination

Iran procures four planes with Trick

The Iranian regime urgently needs new jets. Western sanctions prevent deliveries from major aircraft manufacturers. But now, thanks to a trick, Iran has secured four Airbus A340s – with false aircraft numbers and bogus companies.


Four A340s, formerly owned by Turkish Airlines, were to fly from Johannesburg to Uzbekistan.

What was going on in the sky the day before Christmas Eve? The mystery surrounding the four Airbus A340 aircraft that never showed up at their destination begins in spring 2019. At that time, Turkish Airlines finally shut down its last four-engine jets. Four A340s were flown from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to the South African metropolis of Johannesburg, where the planes were stored.

Avro Global from Hong Kong became the new owner, as “AeroTelegraph” writes. The Jets got new license plates for the Channel Island of Guernsey. Nothing happened for three and a half years. Until the day before Christmas Eve. On December 23, 2022, the A340 quartet suddenly started moving again.

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