Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Is a single pilot on the plane enough?

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A co-pilot on a Swiss plane: would we travel with only one pilot on board?


Jean Claude RaemyEditor Economics

The shortage of pilots is an increasing problem for many airlines. You can meet the shortage of personnel with more training or higher wages. Or by lobbying behind the scenes for a rule change in the cockpit. Accordingly, in the future, wide-bodied aircraft should also be steered at least temporarily or even entirely by just one pilot.

Both in Europe and in the USA there are already advances in this direction. In the USA, a corresponding amendment to the law is already before Congress. However, the first step is about cargo flights. In Europe, the aviation safety authority Easa has meanwhile launched a feasibility study that should clarify by mid-2024 whether one pilot in the cockpit is sufficient.

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