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Knorr uses this packaging trick to cover up its price increase

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Deceptive pack of multi-brands

Knorr uses this packaging trick to cover up its price increase

If the package is larger, there is more in it. But beware: this is not always the case. Manufacturers are adapting their packaging so that price increases are less noticeable, as the example of Knorr shows.


The packaging of the Knorr breadcrumbs is significantly larger.


Milena KalinEditor Economics

Bigger, more expensive, but with the same content: This is how the new packaging for the breading mix from Knorr comes along, a well-known brand of the multinational Unilever. «I find it very cheeky. Consumers are being fooled, and it’s also a waste of resources,” report readers to Blick zu Sprach.

It’s no secret that prices are rising at the moment. Inflation in Switzerland was 3.0 percent in November. Many groceries are likely to have become more expensive in December. Manufacturers and traders are therefore raising their prices in order to cover their costs – higher energy prices, freight costs, etc. This can be made transparent to customers – or not.

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