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Landscape conservationists prevent a single-family house

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In the summer of 2020, the construction profiles for a single-family house were set up in the hamlet of Geimen near Naters, …


Martin SchmidtEditor Economics

When the Spatial Planning Act (RPG) was implemented, millions of national assets in Valais vanished into thin air. The law hits a young family in Naters VS particularly hard. After she had found and bought the perfect building land for her dream house after a long search, the Foundation for Landscape Conservation Switzerland (SL) and Pro Natura appealed. The municipality of Naters should first wrap up its rezoning, and said plot should be zoned out in the valuable water/meadow landscape anyway, according to manager Raimund Rodewald (63). The rezoning requirement in Naters is huge at 68 hectares.

The family wants to remain anonymous, everyone in the region knows each other. It’s been two and a half years since she submitted the planning application. And she still doesn’t know for sure whether it will ever be possible to build on the ground. According to the municipality, it should remain building land under certain conditions. But nothing is set in stone yet. The RPG implementation in the community is ongoing and must be voted on by the population. If the land is rezoned, the family would have to bury the purchase price, i.e. a good quarter of a million.

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