Monday, March 20, 2023

Luzerner lands in Vilnius 30 hours late

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What an odyssey: the Swiss plane first flies loops, then lands in Warsaw. There will be no further flight to Vilnius.

Because of “O you happy”, Willy Z.* (65) probably said to himself when he was stranded in Warsaw, Poland on Thursday! Together with his wife, the Lucerne native wanted to fly to his in-laws in Lithuania – a birthday present.

Because of ground fog at the destination airport in Vilnius, the Swiss machine had to stop over. “Not funny at all,” says Willy Z. to Blick, who had to wait with the Christmas presents, wife and suitcases and numerous passengers for the onward flight in Warsaw. It was all the more annoying for him, as a look at his cell phone shows, that “other planes arrived in Vilnius that day as scheduled”.

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