Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Meta prohibits contentious discussions in the workplace

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Topics like abortion or Corona

Meta prohibits contentious discussions in the workplace

Facebook parent company Meta puts an end to controversial issues in the workplace: the order is no more discussions about abortion, vaccines, weapons and the like.


New workplace rules at Facebook parent Meta: Employees should…

In the future, employees of the Facebook group Meta should no longer have discussions on controversial political issues such as abortion, gun control or the effectiveness of vaccines while at work. This was reported by the US magazine “Fortune”, citing an internal instruction from Meta HR Manager Lori Goler.

According to the report, Goler writes to all employees in an internal forum that the company is introducing new rules that dictate what is considered appropriate discussion in the workplace. “As (company founder) Mark (Zuckerberg) recently mentioned, we need to make a number of cultural shifts that will help us deliver on our priorities,” Goler wrote.

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