Tuesday, December 6, 2022

More sales of alcoholic beverages than vegetables

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No wonder Migros has developed a taste for alcohol: 52.8 liters of beer, 31.5 liters of wine, 3.8 liters of spirits and 1.6 liters of fruit wine is the annual per capita consumption in Switzerland. Most of the regional Migros cooperatives should have said to themselves why all the alcoholic sales millions are left to Coop and Denner when they gave their yes recommendation for alcohol sales.

The Swiss retail trade makes a lot of money from the sale of beer, wine, martini, gin and co. According to the latest figures from the Federal Office for Agriculture for 2020, the entire food retail trade generated sales of 2.6 billion francs with alcoholic beverages. Measured against the total turnover of 29.8 billion, that is 8.7 percent.

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