Monday, March 20, 2023

Now comes the fully automated McDonald’s

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Robots bring the Big Mac

Now comes the fully automated McDonald’s

The most modern McDonald’s branch in the world is in Texas. Ordering, paying and receiving the food is all done without staff.


The goods are ordered from vending machines.

At McDonald’s, the robots take over. The branch in Forth Wort, in the US state of Texas, hardly needs any more staff. A few are still in the kitchen. That’s it. Nobody at the counter, nobody at the counter. Robots do the rest. Brave new fast food world…

Orders are placed on large touch screens. You can no longer order a Big Mac or a large portion of fries from employees. It goes without saying that payment is made by credit card. Then you get a number. And waits until a machine spits out the order, writes the “Daily Mail”.

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