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Now there is a threat of further supply chain bottlenecks because of China

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Now there is a threat of further supply chain bottlenecks because of China

Supply chain bottlenecks have been common throughout the pandemic. The world has hardly recovered when the next crisis threatens. China’s departure from the strict “Zero Covid” policy is causing the number of infections to skyrocket, and new supply bottlenecks are imminent.


It was not until December 7th that China’s President Xi Jinping (69) said goodbye to his radical zero-Covid strategy.

Everyone knows sentences like this: «This article is currently not available.» Or: “Our supplier cannot give us a date when the product will be back in stock at the moment.” Such notices on shelves in stores or in online shops, which were booming during the corona pandemic, could now appear more frequently again.

The reason: On December 7th, China finally abandoned its zero-Covid policy. This surprising step has consequences: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), both hospitals and funeral homes in China are overburdened, and the first companies are closing due to too many cases of illness among the workforce, especially in the large port cities of the People’s Republic.

As in the pandemic years, supply chains are now threatening to burst again, containers could back up in China’s ports because of staff shortages due to illness or even death.

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