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Over 50s find it easier to find a job again

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It gets difficult again after 60

Over 50s find it easier to find a job again

The unemployment figures allow a surprising conclusion: Over-50s find it easier than younger people to find a new job. The shortage of skilled workers in the Swiss economy defuses the old age guillotine – but does not eliminate it.


Older employees have better job prospects in Switzerland. (icon picture)


Nicholas ImfeldEditor Economics

If you are older than 50 and change or lose your job, you will have trouble finding a new job. This is the prejudice that could be substantiated with figures for a long time. But the tide seems to have turned. It is even easier for older people to find a job than for younger people.

The unemployment rate among 50 to 64 year olds has fallen from over 3 percent to 1.9 percent in the past two years. This is below the rate for 25 to 49 year olds, which is 2 percent.

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