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Parcel stolen: who pays for the damage?

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Black Friday 2022

Parcel stolen: who pays for the damage?

Discount campaigns beckon on the Internet and people shop. However, postmen do not always hand the parcels over to the recipient personally. Sometimes they put shipments on the doorstep. In the worst case, the parcels are then stolen. Who has to pay for the damage?


If you want to be sure that the parcels arrive, use the Pickpost service for delivery.

More and more, faster and faster – there is time pressure everywhere. Postmen are not spared from this either. That’s why stressed postmen sometimes don’t hesitate: if they ring the doorbell without success, they simply leave the consignment in front of the door. If the package then disappears or a heavy downpour destroys the contents, the question remains as to who is liable for the damage.
The online shop fulfilled its obligation by delivering the order. If the package is lost on the way, the customer alone bears the risk. So you have to pay the purchase price.

Who is liable for the damage?

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