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party or hangover?

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Week of truth on the stock exchanges – interest rate decisions are pending

party or hangover?

Interest rates will continue to rise, but the pace is likely to be slowed. So the expectations on the stock market. Today, Wednesday, and tomorrow, Thursday, the moment of truth will come – the central banks will announce their interest rate decisions.

Published: 9 minutes ago


US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will announce the interest rate decision today.


Nicholas ImfeldEditor Economics

Optimism has returned to the stock markets. After a bad 2022, the largest leading indices in the USA and Europe rose at the beginning of the new year. The American Dow Jones and the Swiss SMI advanced 3 percent in January, the German Dax even 7.5 percent.

Is the upswing now developing into a real party? Or is the hangover coming? These questions will be decided on Wednesday and Thursday. The interest rate decisions of the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank (ECB) are pending. The inflation rate in the USA is encouraging – inflation in America has recently fallen further. A sign of the success of the strict monetary policy.

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