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Rama gets negative price

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«Sham pack of the year» 2022

Rama gets negative price

More air in the packaging and still higher prices: Consumer advocates were once again looking for the “deceptive package of the year”.

Published: 11 minutes ago

Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg organizes the election of the “deceptive package of the year” every year.

Rama is the “cheat pack of the year” 2022: Since last year, the spreadable fat from the manufacturer Upfield has been sold with 400 instead of 500 grams for the same price in a can of the same size. The product was 25 percent more expensive, as criticized by the Hamburg consumer center on Monday. Every year, it organizes the election of the “deceptive package of the year”.

Less content for the same price

Consumers can vote online on the allocation of the negative prize. This time, 34,293 people took part, more than twice as many as in the previous year, as the consumer advice center further announced. The list goes back to tips and complaints from the past year.

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