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Salt discontinues MMS service

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end of an era

Salt also discontinues MMS service

After Swisscom, the telecom company Salt is also discontinuing its “Multimedia Messaging Service”, i.e. its MMS service. There are now numerous alternatives for sending photos and videos via the mobile network.

After Swisscom, the telecom provider is also discontinuing the MMS service.

«With the advent of smartphones and messenger apps, MMS has become less and less important. Due to many alternatives (iMessage, Message+, WhatsApp, Signal, Threema) and a sharp drop in usage, the largest Swiss telecom providers, including Salt, will stop the MMS service on January 10, 2023,” Salt announced on its website.

Swisscom gradually discontinued the service from the beginning of March last year and completely by the beginning of 2023. Since 2013, when, according to the spokeswoman, a total of 63 million MMS messages were sent on the Swisscom network, use of the service has “declined sharply”. Nowadays, customers send files such as photos almost exclusively via other services such as messenger apps.

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