Monday, December 5, 2022

Selenski shakes up the WEF elite

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Lea Hartmann, Nicola Imfeld, Fabienne Kinzelmann and Christian Kolbe from Davos

Davos GR is blue and yellow. At the entrance to the town, the WEF visitors are greeted by a large banner with the official coat of arms colors of the municipality. They are the same colors as those of the Ukrainian flag: an iconic coincidence. Three months after the start of the war, the first day of the conference was all about the country suffering from the Russian attack.

“Today alone we lost 87 people and the future of Ukraine will be without these 87 people,” said Volodymyr Zelensky (44) in a video speech. The Ukrainian President has criticized the talks and meetings in Davos while his country is struggling to survive. He accused foreign countries of having ignored earlier warnings from Ukraine – with fatal consequences. “If there had been this unity, this pressure on governments and companies earlier, would Russia have started this war? I’m sure the answer to that question is no.”

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