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Smart tower is empty – because cars have become too big

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The most iconic garage in Switzerland delivered cars at the push of a button

Smart tower is empty – because cars have become too big

25 years ago, Smart came up with something to sell its speedsters: the Smart towers. There is now only one left in Switzerland. Will he ever come back to life?

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There are currently only a few special speedsters left in the legendary Smart Tower.


Patrick Bergerreporter economy

In 1997, Smart had a brilliant idea! The Mercedes subsidiary wanted to exhibit its speedsters in special towers. The smart towers. They caused a stir. First of all because they were empty until 1998. The reason: Smart had problems with driving safety. Keyword moose test. The small cars threatened to tip over. But Mercedes got it under control. The two-seater, initiated by Swatch boss Nicolas Hayek (1928-2010), became a bestseller.

In Switzerland, the iconic towers were built in Wallisellen ZH, Bern, Basel and St. Gallen. Clearly visible from the highway. Spectacular free advertising. A landmark. You could order the copy you were looking for from the seventh floor using the touchscreen. A few minutes later it was ready for a test drive. There’s never been anything like it.

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