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“Suddenly I looked down the barrel of a pistol at the WEF”

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Shock for noble prostitute Salomé Balthus at the WEF

“Suddenly I looked down the barrel of a gun”

She wanted to go back to her hotel room after a date – then she was stopped by security personnel with a gun drawn. The Berlin prostitute Salomé Balthus experiences violent scenes at the WEF.


Self-proclaimed “toy for adults”: Salomé Balthus is currently in Switzerland.


Chiara SchlenzEditor News

The annual meeting of the rich and powerful, the World Economic Forum (WEF), is currently in full swing in Davos GR. Lectures are given, discussions are held – and expensive bed sheets are rumpled with noble prostitutes until late at night. At least that’s what Salomé Balthus (39), a “toy for adults” and sex worker from Berlin, says.

“He noticed relatively quickly that no gun would fit under my negligee.”Salome Balthus

But not everything is peace, joy, pancakes: “A date in Switzerland during the WEF means looking at the gun muzzles of security guards in the hotel corridor at two o’clock in the morning…” tweeted Balthus. I beg your pardon? She explains to Blick: “I wanted to go to my own hotel room when a security officer came up to me in the hallway with a gun at the ready.” However, the situation was quickly defused, according to the escort lady. “He noticed relatively quickly that no gun would fit under my negligee,” she joked just a few hours after the incident.

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