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Swiss-based Timly Launches Revolutionary Cloud-Based Inventory Management Platform

Innovative Cloud-Based Platform Helps Businesses Automate Management, Track Physical Inventory, and Ensure Quality Management and Compliance

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Swiss-based company Timly has launched a cloud-based inventory management platform that allows businesses to track physical inventory and automate management across a range of industries. The holistic software can manage assets from IT equipment and tools to medical devices and consumables. It works by providing each asset with a label containing a QR code, which can be scanned using a smartphone. All information related to the asset is then available where the asset is located. This increases operational efficiency and cost savings, and ensures quality management and compliance.


The platform’s inventory management capabilities are further enhanced by its integration with a training management module that allows businesses to manage employee certificates and connect them with the assets they are authorised to use. This feature ensures that employees have the necessary skills and certifications to operate and maintain equipment, machines, vehicles, and tools, among other assets.


Timly’s digital tool tracking software offers a consolidation of inventory and know-how, enabling businesses to keep track of the multitude of tools, machines, and vehicles. Devices are easily registered via QR code and the necessary information is stored. A maintenance planner reminds users of upcoming inspection dates, ensuring that no maintenance date is forgotten and that every tool is guaranteed to be in working order when it is needed. Documents such as inspection certificates are stored in the digital inventory management system, so mobile access from a smartphone or tablet is possible at any time.


The electronic personnel file within the platform allows companies to track employees in the software with their know-how and qualifications. All documents, such as certificates, are added to the personnel file in digital form. In this way, the inventory is linked to exactly those employees who are authorised to operate or maintain it. The inventory can be assigned to employees, locations, and external inspectors, providing complete visibility and control over the company’s assets.


Timly’s software has already been adopted by leading global companies such as BASF, Siemens, Cornelsen, and Der Spiegel. In Austria, companies such as Hauser and ELIN, as well as the electrical engineering supplier Fleck, have adopted the platform to keep up with the times and maintain an overview of their inventory.


With the sophisticated user role concept, only authorised persons are granted access to the data in the GDPR-compliant secure cloud. Documents and certificates are available in electronic form and can be conveniently accessed.


The platform is ideal for companies in the construction industry, IT equipment, office or school inventory, smart city assets, and many more. The software meets the highest data protection requirements and is capable of connecting with existing HR software systems.


Diringer & Scheidel, a large German construction company, has adopted the Timly software to manage its employee certifications and skills. The software allows those responsible to quickly see at any time who is authorised to operate which equipment, which training courses are due soon, and which inventory needs to be maintained when. The ARGE at the large railway station in Bern, Switzerland, also relies on Timly’s tool tracking software.


According to a company spokesperson, the platform is essential for efficiently managing the growing number of IT resources in schools. A specialised inventory software can also help companies comply with the obligation to provide details about the exact use of funds required under leasing programmes or grants.


The platform helps companies keep all inventory information up to date, providing answers to questions such as “what inventory do I have?”, “where is it located?” and “when does my equipment need to be serviced?” at the touch of a button.


For more information on the Timly inventory management platform and how it can help your business automate management, track physical inventory, and ensure quality management and compliance, visit the company’s website.



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