Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Swiss companies suffer from Russian investors

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What next for Vekselberg?

Swiss companies suffer “stock market malus” because of Russian investor

Tricky situation: Four Swiss companies suffer from the connection to major shareholder Viktor Vekselberg. But you can’t get out of the connection precisely because of the sanctions.

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Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg in St. Petersburg last summer. His connections to Swiss companies are a problem for them.

The Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg (66), who lives in Switzerland, has been a burden for the companies in which he is involved since the beginning of the war in Ukraine at the latest. Because of his closeness to Putin, the US has imposed economic sanctions on him since 2018.

Vekselberg recently made headlines again in this regard. Among other things, the United States has accused Swiss-Russian dual citizen Vladislav Osipov (51). This is said to have helped Vekselberg “hide” his superyacht.

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