Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Swisscom loses legal battle against Sunrise

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appeal dismissed

Swisscom loses against Sunrise in the Federal Administrative Court

A final verdict was reached today in the network dispute between Sunrise and Swisscom. Swisscom’s complaint to the Federal Administrative Court was dismissed and it had to compensate its competitor.


Swisscom’s appeal to the Federal Administrative Court in St.Gallen fails.

After losing the network dispute against Sunrise at the end of November, Swisscom suffered another legal defeat. The Federal Administrative Court ruled in favor of Sunrise in the dispute over interest payments.

The second-largest Swiss telecom group had objected to the method by which Swisscom paid interest on claims for excessive prices for access to the Swisscom copper network. Swisscom wanted to pay interest on the reclaims based on a reference rate, namely the 12-month Swiss franc Libor rate, plus a surcharge of 1.3 percent.

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