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«Switzerland – half a digital desert»

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Start of the 4th Digital Summit in Zurich

“Finally, words are followed by deeds”

The 4th Digital Summit Switzerland takes place in Zurich. This shows that Switzerland has a lot of catching up to do. But more and more is not only discussed, but also acted upon.


Marc Walder, CEO Ringier, and Julie Teigland from the consulting firm EY. Teigland says: “Switzerland is currently on a good run. Finally, people are not just talking about digitalization, words are now being followed by deeds.»

The Digital Summit Switzerland will take place for the fourth time on Monday and Tuesday in the Hotel Dolder Grand in Zurich. Host Marc Walder (57), CEO Ringier, discusses the future of health, work or the cloud with top-class guests. In short, it is about the future of digitization and thus the future of Switzerland. A discussion more urgent than ever! “Switzerland is still half a digital desert in some areas. No comparison to the Scandinavian countries, where everything is digital. We still have to step on the gas,” says Reto Gurtner (67), President and CEO of the Weisse Arena in Laax GR.

Again and again at the Digital Summit it can be heard that there are major deficits, especially in public administration. Some people don’t understand that we can’t vote electronically in Switzerland yet – or that thick folders are still being sent instead of digital dossiers.

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