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Switzerland has to dispose of millions of Covid vaccine doses

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Demand greatly overestimated

Switzerland has to dispose of millions of Covid vaccine doses

Huge quantities of vaccine doses against the corona virus do not find a buyer in Switzerland. Now millions of cans are thrown away.


The willingness to vaccinate in Switzerland is less than expected. (icon picture)

(Refresher) vaccinations against the coronavirus are also free of charge for the Swiss population in the current year. But the willingness to vaccinate against Covid has decreased significantly in recent months. Of those over 65, only 37 percent received either an initial vaccination or a booster in the past six months, reports the “NZZ”.

According to the report, Switzerland “miscalculated when ordering Covid vaccines”. The newspaper relies on figures from the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG). A total of 32.6 million doses were delivered to Switzerland by the deadline of December 27, 2022, of which almost 17 million were administered. Only 4.2 million cans went abroad.

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