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That’s why the Swiss retail trade wins against Coca Cola and Co.

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Again and again successful power struggles

That’s why the Swiss retail trade wins against Coca Cola and Co.

The retailer Coop has won the price war against the global corporation Coca-Cola. Migros is also currently arguing with the Aromat manufacturer about the price of the sprinkled spice. Why the Swiss retail trade often emerges successfully from such power struggles.

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Coop has won the power struggle against the global corporation Coca-Cola.


Martin SchmidtEditor Economics

For four years, Coca-Cola sold the dark soft drink in Switzerland in 0.45 liter bottles instead of 0.5 liter bottles. This caused a great deal of anger among customers. Because the price for a bottle remained the same at CHF 1.35.

But resistance to the shrunken cola bottles also formed in the retail trade. Coca-Cola introduced the new bottles in 2019. Coop then started parallel imports from Eastern Europe in 2021 and continued to offer half-liter bottles in the branches – which were available alongside the small bottles made in Switzerland, as the “NZZ” writes.

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