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“The hospital density is too high”

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President of the Hospital Association Regine Sauter

“The hospital density is too high”

“The hospital density is too high in Switzerland,” said the President of the Hospital Association H+, Regine Sauter, in an interview with the “Schaffhauser Nachrichten”. Hospital planning in Switzerland must be thought of on a large scale.

Many people no longer have a family doctor. “It therefore makes sense to rethink the functions of the hospitals,” said Sauter in an interview published on Friday. “As a coordinating center that provides patients with comprehensive care and refers them to other service providers.”

Sauter, who has presided over the hospital association since the beginning of the year, also sees a need for action when it comes to cost allocation. “If you are treated as an inpatient in the hospital, the canton bears 55 percent of the costs and the insurance company 45 percent. In the outpatient area, on the other hand, the health insurance company bears 100 percent of the costs.” More outpatient treatments therefore led to higher health insurance premiums. “That’s why you have to reorganize the financing,” said the FDP National Councilor.

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