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The Mucki Trap

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Anabolic steroids are booming in Switzerland. Young people compare themselves to people who use Testo…

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Robin BaniRingier journalism student

Sandro Ricci* (27) wants to get stronger. In his hand he holds a syringe. There is a mirror in front of him. In it he sees his bare bottom. He starts, stabs and shoots. A total of three times: Testosterone Enanthate, Masteron and Deca-Durabolin. His health comes second. He injects the anabolic steroids again every three days. After two months he takes a break until he draws up the next injections. Because: Ricci wants to be more beautiful. By that he means bulging muscles, broad shoulders and thick veins.

That’s what Ricci says in a conversation with SonntagsBlick. He’s been clean for a year now. He currently works as a trainer in a studio and wants to remain anonymous so as not to lose his job. “One has” or “one is”, that’s how Ricci talks about himself. He rarely uses the word “I”. Our society stigmatizes people who take anabolic steroids. Although the “pump” substances are widespread. A study by the Center for Addiction Medicine in Zurich concludes that more than 200,000 people in Switzerland consume anabolic steroids in the course of their lives. Ascending trend.

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