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The new parade ground is in Graubünden

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Rents go up and up

This is the new parade ground

Rents in Zurich or Lucerne are considered particularly high. But Graubünden is catching up! A look at the latest real estate monitor from Wüest Partner AG shows this. The reason: Corona.


In the Engadin, in the picture St. Moritz, rents are high.

The Bündner “Südostschweiz” unpacks the big letters: “The Via Maistra is the new parade ground,” headlines the newspaper. For non-Bündner: The Via Maistra is the boulevard of St. Moritz GR. Background of the article: Rents in Graubünden are likely to rise exceptionally sharply in 2023.

The newspaper relies on the latest real estate monitoring by the consulting firm Wüest Partner AG. His conclusion: “In individual regions of Graubünden, the price level for rental apartments is comparable to that in urban centers. Or is it even higher,” it says.

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