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The private jets of the WEF elite squander that much CO₂

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Greenpeace sounds the alarm

The private jets of the WEF elite squander that much CO₂

For just 21 kilometers, one person boarded the plane at the last WEF. Greenpeace warns emissions from private jets will quadruple during WEF week. Meanwhile, those responsible are trying to persuade the delegations to change to the train.


Greenpeace registered more than 1000 private jet flights during the last week of the WEF in May 2022. (Archive image)


Sarah FrattaroliDeputy Head of Economics

The WEF announced this week that a record number of heads of state and government will travel to Davos GR for this year’s edition. The flip side of the coin: the presidents, prime ministers and other members of the WEF elite rarely travel by train. The private jet seems to many to be the more befitting – and more comfortable – means of transport.

With consequences: The Dutch environmental consulting company CE Delft, commissioned by Greenpeace, took a close look at the flight movements during the last WEF in May 2022. The company counts 1040 private jets for the WEF week. Private jet flights to Zurich, Basel, Altenrhein SG and Samedan GR, among others, were considered because these airports would be used for arrival and departure during the WEF, according to the study authors.

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