Monday, December 5, 2022

«The time without friction is over»

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Interview: Fabienne Kinzelmann

Ms Göpel, many people have the feeling that we woke up in a new world with the Ukraine war. They also?
Maya Goepel: I would say: We just woke up – not in a new world. Of course, what is happening in terms of geopolitics and security policy is insane. The war crimes, that international agreements are broken during the session of the UN Security Council or that Russia sends rockets after a two-week break while the UN Secretary-General is in Kyiv, leave people stunned. But if we ask ourselves how it came to this, one can certainly find many clues.

Why didn’t that come as a surprise to you?
We humans are constantly changing the world. And to an extent that will not have good consequences: not for the economy, not for peaceful coexistence. With the war in Ukraine, we see that the territorial issue is inextricably linked to access to resources. We have to deal with the conditions under which people can live together safely, well and peacefully. Environmental protection, for example, is not a restriction of quality of life or human freedom, but rather a way of preserving them in the future.

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