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«The world is weakening, Switzerland is showing strength»

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Jan-Egbert Sturm: “The Swiss labor market is very robust.”


Christian KolbeEditor Economics

Jan-Egbert Sturm (53) receives Blick in his light-flooded corner office at the KOF business cycle research center of the ETH in Zurich. The room is dominated by a large bookshelf, which primarily serves as a background for photo and video recordings. “I only read most of it electronically,” says the KOF director, who, with his economic forecasts, is one of the most important economists in Switzerland.

Blick: According to your forecasts, the Swiss economy will grow by 0.7 percent in the coming year, and the global economy by 0.5 percent. What makes Switzerland better?
Jan Egbert Sturm: The question is always how to accurately measure the global economy. But if you put on Swiss glasses and then look at the world, then you give more weight to the countries with which we do a lot of trade. This is especially true for Europe and especially Germany, which is stuck in a recession. We, on the other hand, are more stable, produce less energy-intensively and often benefit from instability in the world. Switzerland stands for stability, security and quality. This is particularly important in such uncertain times. The world is weakening, Switzerland is showing strength.

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