Tuesday, March 28, 2023

These ski areas are finally opening up!

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After snowfall at altitude

These ski areas are finally opening up!

The onset of winter is here. Some small ski resorts can now open their slopes. But the ski season is not yet saved. Blick shows where you will soon be able to ski. And where it still takes some time.


Finally there’s snow. Axalp BE doesn’t look quite like the photo yet, but the area has finally opened its slopes.

Finally there is snow at lower altitudes and the temperatures are slowly sinking into the winter range. This pleases the operators of small and medium-sized ski areas. Some can finally open their slopes to paying customers. However, others are still hesitant.

Because a ski slope needs much more than just snow. He has to sit down first. The temperatures also have to remain low for a certain period of time. Only then can the areas prepare the slopes with the heavy machines. And artificial snow where necessary.

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