Friday, March 24, 2023

These ski areas can now start the season

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Until recently, it looked like this in Pany GR in many small and low-lying ski areas.

Temperatures of almost 20 degrees on New Year’s Eve and not a hint of snow at Christmas. But now winter is finally coming. According to the weather report, there will be snow down to 500 meters above sea level this Sunday. This news is a huge relief for many ski resorts. With an unbelievable amount of effort and commitment, they have been working on their slopes for weeks – only to watch them melt away immediately.

With the snowfall down to low altitudes and the announced lower temperatures from the middle of next week, many small ski resorts should now be over the mountain for the time being. This is also shown by the Blick survey. Because this weekend, a number of ski areas are finally starting the 2022/23 ski season:

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