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This broccoli is suffering from consumption

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Broccoli should weigh 400 grams, but the scale only shows 368 grams

Label fraud at Migros?

A Blick reader reporter can’t believe it. He buys a packaged broccoli from Migros. Instead of 400 grams, there are only about 360 grams in it, as he finds out when weighing. Migros finds it difficult to answer, as a request shows.


400 grams – that’s what it says in large letters on the label of this packaged organic broccoli from Migros.

Blick reader David S.* is amazed when he weighs a packaged organic broccoli in Migros at the beginning of last week. The label says 400 grams, the vegetables are packaged. However, there are only a good 360 grams inside, as the display of the scale shows.

Is there something wrong with the scales or is the broccoli suffering from weight loss? Customer S. is taken aback and confronts Migros via Twitter. The retailer promises to check the said products in the branch in Pfäffikon ZH and the scales.

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